Dear Dr. Banda,

I cannot thank you enough for my two front teeth! Five weeks have gone by after completion and I grow more delighted each day. I am learning to use them and realize that after 50 years – since they were broken at age 13 – I have to teach myself how to use them. They are such awesome tools and I am stunned to discover that they tear, as well as bite through food!

Our son lives out of state, and I saw him last weekend for the first time since they were finished and he said, “Mom, you are smiling all the time now, and you didn’t do that before!” I am realizing that is indeed true. How wonderful!

Your care during the whole process of extraction, implantation, and healing has been professional and caring – I have so appreciated it! All the people on your staff have been wonderful also and were always there when I needed reassurance or an extra “check to make sure everything is healing as it should.” I really felt supported. It was a difficult time for me as the trauma of losing teeth at age 13 is still with me, and now it is healing.

I am very happy and more than satisfied – I am thrilled! I intend to recommend your practice to everyone that is considering implants.

Thank you so much.


Dear Dr. Banda,

Just a short note to let you know how grateful and appreciative I am to you and your staff for all of your efforts in seeing that my implant therapy was successful. Your entire staff, from the Front desk to the back therapy rooms, was cheerful, helpful, and considerate throughout the process. Frankly, I’ve never encountered such a terrific group of dental professionals.

Your in-depth explanations of the implant process (both up front and throughout the therapy process) were instrumental in eliminating the kind of fears that naturally make patients, like myself, feel apprehensive about undertaking implant therapy. I must confess, though, that all of my fears turned out to be unfounded. Each session was far less intrusive than I imagined, and, in fact, turned out to be as comfortable as you described during my initial consultation.

I can honestly say that my visits to your office were the best experiences I’ve ever had in forty-plus years of seeing dental professionals. Needless to say, you can be sure I will recommend you and your staff to anyone I meet that may be in need of implant therapy.

Best regards,


Dear Dr. Banda,

After almost two years of being your patient, I feel that I have become family! Everybody in your office treats me like a good acquaintance anyways! Now that I see “the light at the end of the tunnel,” I cannot tell you how grateful I am for giving me hope, right from the beginning. I remember you telling me when I was discouraged that everything can be fixed, nothing is impossible.

I want to thank you for your kindness and care, for your flexibility (always trying to find available to accommodate my schedule) and for the high standards that you have in your profession. You did not give up on me and you encouraged me through my pain and worries.

It was a long and challenging journey but the outcome is excellent!

Congratulations Dr. Banda, you did it again!



Dear Dr. Banda,

Thank you very much for doing such a great job implanting my two back teeth. It’s now been a year since they’ve been in and I’m just delighted with them. The process took a long time, but it was worth it. It wasn’t even a painful process, except for the wait. Now that they’ve been in for a year, I can tell you, they are as comfortable and natural as can be.

Thank you for your expertise. You did a great job!

Best Regards,