Sedation Dentistry

Patients Feel Comfortable with IV and Oral Conscious Sedation

Many people dislike visiting the dentist. In our practice, we make your comfort our top priority. Dr. Banda will explain your treatment in detail and answer your questions to put your mind at ease. We also offer blankets, pillows, and music so that patients can relax during procedures. If you feel particularly anxious or need lengthy procedures performed in one or two visits, Dr. Banda may suggest sedation dentistry to ensure a peaceful, pleasant experience.

Intravenous (IV) sedation involves the use of anti-anxiety medications, sedatives, and other agents placed directly into your bloodstream. With IV sedation, you will be unaware of the procedure and the passage of time. You will have no memory of the procedure, either. This type of sedation is best for people that are apprehensive or fearful and want to experience none of the procedure at all. You will need a driver to bring you in for your appointment and to drive you home afterward. Dr. Banda has completed an intensive IV sedation course at the Duquesne University, Mylan School of Pharmacy in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in order to safely provide this service to you.

Oral conscious sedation involves the use of anti-anxiety medications to allow patients to enter a state of total relaxation. You will take the medication about an hour before your appointment, so you will be relaxed before Dr. Banda begins your procedure. During treatment, you may dose off, but you will be able to respond to Dr. Banda's verbal directions. Most people have little or no memory of the procedure the following day. The effects of the oral sedation may linger for the entire day that your procedure is performed, so you will need a friend or relative to drive you to and from the appointment. Plan to take the rest of the day to relax.

Discover comfortable, gentle care with oral sedation in our Bloomfield Hills dental office. Call today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Banda. Cranbrook Dental Care serves patients from across the area, including Royal Oak, Clarkston, Troy, and Birmingham. For more about oral conscious sedation and IV sedation, visit our patient library.

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