Upgrade Your Smile With Porcelain Veneers In Bloomfield Hills

February 9, 2017

Learn how porcelain veneers in Bloomfield Hills can close gaps, correct alignment, and even lighten discolored teeth with this info from Dr. David Banda. You’re a successful small business owner in Bloomfield Hills and you’re confident in your skills, your product and your company. The one thing you’re not confident in, however, is your smile. You’re tired of wondering if clients notice the chips, and the gap in the front is obvious to everyone. Plus, your teeth are pretty yellow from all the coffee you drink from your long working hours. You want to upgrade your grin, but you don’t want braces – and these wouldn’t fix the nicks in your enamel or the discoloration anyway. What can you do? Porcelain veneers in Bloomfield Hills from Cranbrook Dental Care are the solution for you. Learn all about how you can get the smile you’ve dreamt up from Dr. David Banda.


Masterful Dental Implant Placement in Bloomfield Hills, MI

March 23, 2015

Are you missing a tooth or a series of teeth? Do you want to get your beautiful, shining smile back? Although it may not seem like a big problem at first, missing a tooth can pose some serious long-term issues. Getting dental implants can not only solve these potential issues, they can help self-confidence, display a youthful look, and restore self-image. It sounds great, right? Those who live in the Bloomfield Hills, MI area should and want this procedure should request an appointment with Dr. Banda, the best and most sought-after dentist in the region.

What are the Long-Term Effects of a Missing Tooth?

Your jawbone and the surrounding areas around your teeth require stimulation. Throughout the day, your teeth make thousands of contacts with each other, food (when you chew), etc. These contacts stimulate the bone. Without the stimulation from all teeth in the mouth, the jawbone will begin to rapidly decline in mass, as density, height, and width will diminish.

How Does Dr. Banda Insert a Dental Implant?

78188806The dental implant procedure is very simple. During the first visit, Dr. Banda will perform a full oral examination, checking on your oral health, while planning the implant. The next time you come into our wonderful office, Dr. Banda and his team will surgically position small posts into the jawbone. Your jawbone will naturally accept the posts, as they are biocompatible, and naturally fuse with them. When the healing process is complete, replacement teeth are cemented to the posts, filling the gaps and giving you a full set of teeth.

I Want to Set Up a Consultation with the Doctor.

Are you ready to complete your smile again? When you decide you are ready to undergo our masterful dental implant procedure, you simply need to contact our office via phone or email and set up your appointment. When you come in for your first visit, prepare to be welcomed by our warm smiles and caring staff of dental experts. Cranbrook Dental Care is so very proud to open its doors to Bloomfield Hills, MI, Troy, Birmingham, Clarkston, and beyond.

The Benefits to Dental Implants

September 17, 2014

177232118The wonderful thing about dental implants is that they are able to give you the smile you have always wanted. Dr. Banda prides himself in being able to transform the smiles and lives of his patients with dental implants. Though there are very obvious benefits to dental implants, there are more benefits than meets the eye!

One of the great benefits about dental implants is that they are able to offer you better oral health. When you have a smile that is not full, it puts you more at risk for gum disease, a misaligned bite, bone loss, tooth loss, TMJ, and other complications. Also, when you have teeth missing from your smile, it could cause the other teeth in your mouth to shift in order to make up for the extra space. This shift is due to the missing tooth root, as the roots are used to anchor our teeth in place. When that is missing, it puts other teeth in your smile at risk for deterioration.

Also, unlike dentures and partials, dental implants are a permanent option to replacing your teeth. There is no fear of slippage or dealing with adhesives or clasps, allowing you to fully enjoy your new smile with confidence. Dental implants are able to improve your facial aesthetic, being able to support your cheeks and lips, making you look more youthful.  There are many benefits to dental implants, and if you have teeth missing from your smile, we invite you to discover the benefits for yourself. Contact our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Banda to find out how dental implants are able to help restore your self-confidence and overall wellbeing.

Schedule a consultation to discuss dental implants with Dr. Banda by calling our Bloomfield Hills practice. Our office serves patients throughout this area, including Troy, Birmingham, Clarkston, and the surrounding communities. For more about dental implants, visit our patient resource library.

Complete Implant Care from Our Bloomfield Hills Office

August 4, 2014

There are two major stages in the dental implant process. The first involves the surgical placement of one or more implant posts. The second involves the attachment of a custom-made restorative piece, like a crown, bridge, partial, or full denture.

Dr. Banda’s years of training and experience have equipped him with the skills to both place and restore dental implants. He earned his DDS from the University of Michigan in 1986, and then completed the Implant Surgical and Prosthetic Program at the prestigious Misch Implant Institute, where many other dentists have learned how to surgically place dental implants. Beyond this, Dr. Banda is a sought-after authority on surgical techniques, implantology, and more.

You can expect excellent care when you come to our Bloomfield Hills office, whether you need help with dental implants or another service. Call us today to schedule an appointment. During your visit, we’ll talk to you about your needs and answer any questions you might have about treatment. We serve patients from Bloomfield Hills, Troy, Birmingham, Clarkston, Royal Oak, and other nearby areas in Detroit.

Bloomfield Hills Restorative Dentistry

April 3, 2014

For many of us, there will come a time when your smile needs extra help. When that time comes, we hope you’ll choose Dr. Banda for your restorative dentistry needs. Dr. Banda brings years of experience and a sense of compassion to the care he provides to his patients from Bloomfield Hills and beyond.

Among the restorative dentistry services that Dr. Banda offers is dental implants. This great service can help patients who have lost one or more teeth restore what they’ve lost and enjoy both natural appearance and functionality. That’s because of how dental implants work.

Dental implants support crowns, bridges, partials and dentures, using titanium implant posts. These posts act like prosthetic roots. What’s more, because titanium is a biocompatible metal, your post(s) will fuse with the jaw over time and promote bone growth.

As effective as dental implants are, though, they aren’t right for every patient. Do you want to know if dental implants can help you? Schedule an appointment with Dr. Banda of Cranbrook Dental Care in Bloomfield Hills. During your visit, we can help you understand your options and choose a treatment that will work for you.

Call us today for an appointment. Dr. Banda offers restorative dentistry to patients from Bloomfield Hills, Royal Oak, Clarkston, Troy, and Birmingham.

Natural Functionality with Dental Implants

March 3, 2014

Do you know what the difference between traditional dentures and implant-supported dentures is? The answer is simple—natural functionality. Traditional restorative services do a good job of filling in the gaps in a patient’s smile, but they don’t do anything about a patient’s missing tooth roots.

Dental implants, on the other hand, do. They’re structured like natural teeth with a crown on top and a titanium implant underneath. The implant acts like a prosthetic root. Because titanium is a biocompatible metal, the post will eventually bond with the bone in your jaw to create a strong, natural foundation.

There are two phases to a dental implant procedure. In the first phase, one or more implant posts will be surgically placed in your jaw. Then, after your implant has had time to bond with your jaw, your new crown, bridge, partial denture, or full denture can be attached. The entire procedure can take a few months to complete, but the result is a smile that will look and function like a natural smile.

Find out if you’re a candidate for dental implants with a consultation at Cranbrook Dental Care. During your visit, Dr. Banda will assess your needs and recommend a personalized treatment plan. Call us today for an appointment. We serve patients from Bloomfield Hills, Royal Oak, Clarkston, Troy, and Birmingham.


Why Are Tooth Roots Important?

February 3, 2014

When you have one or more missing teeth, speaking clearly and enjoying a broadly nutritious diet can be difficult. By replacing your missing teeth, you can speak clearer and enjoy more of the foods you used to eat.

But those aren’t the only two reasons you should replace your missing teeth. When you have missing teeth, you’re also missing the roots that anchored them to your jaw. Those roots served the important job of promoting bone growth. When one or more roots are missing, the jaw will lose bone tissue. Over time, if enough tissue is lost, you may lose any remaining teeth you have.

Dental implants can help prevent this. That’s because they come with a “prosthetic root” made of titanium, which is a biocompatible metal. These “roots” will bond with the tissue in your jaw over time and promote new bone growth. The result is not just a full smile, but a full smile with a firm, natural foundation.

Do you want to know if dental implants are right for you? Dr. Banda would be happy to consult with you. During your visit, he will perform a thorough oral exam to determine what your options are and then recommend a specific treatment plan.

Call us today for an appointment. We serve patients from Bloomfield Hills, Royal Oak, Clarkston, Troy, and Birmingham.

Celebrate 2014 with Dental Implants!

January 6, 2014

Being insecure about your smile is never an easy thing to deal with. When you are not confident about your smile, everything else seems to fall to the waist side. You may be hesitant to laugh with your friends, smile, or be around other people. Though it may feel as though there is no relief to your smile insecurities, our very own Dr. David G. Banda is able to restore your smile to perfection with dental implants.

Dental implants are a wonderful option for those who want to permanently change their smile. The process begins with a consultation with Dr. Banda. There, he will be able to fully assess your smile, discuss your long term goals, as well as address any concerns or questions you may have. If you are considered a candidate for dental implants, Dr. Banda will surgically install a screw-like implant into your jaw bone. This provides stability for your new teeth, as well as prevents bone loss. After the implant, the abutment is added, which is essentially a support system for the implant as well as the crown to be placed on top. The final step to dental implanting is placing your beautiful crowns on top of the abutment. At the end of the procedure, you are left with nothing but a beautiful, flawless smile!

One of the many advantages to dental implants is the fact they look completely natural. Like many people, you may not want it to be obvious you had work done, or you do not want your smile to look fake. Dental implants look like your natural teeth, sure you are sure to look as put together as possible. Another advantage is the fact that dental implants restore you self-esteem. Because you may have lost some confidence while being insecure about your smile, this procedure is a wonderful way to give back the worth you have missed!

If you feel as though Dr. Banda is able to help you revolutionize your smile with dental implants, contact our office and make an appointment today! Don’t wait to change your smile and your life!

Contact Cranbrook Dental Care today to reserve your appointment with Dr. Banda. We will be able to take care of all of your implant placement, sedation dentistry, and oral surgery needs. We proudly serve patients from Clarkston, Troy, Royal Oak, Birmingham, and the surrounding Detroit areas!


Avoiding Bones Loss with Dental Implants

March 18, 2013

Tooth roots serve two important functions. The first is that they anchor teeth to the jaw. Second, they stimulate the production of new bone tissue. This keeps the jaw healthy and strong.

When a tooth is lost, so is the root. As a result, a part of the jaw no longer has something there to stimulate the growth of new bone tissue. That can lead to serious repercussions for your smile as time goes by.

Bone loss will be the primary problem. Over time, the portion of jaw that’s missing a root will begin to atrophy. Then, as more bone loss occurs, nearby teeth will be put in danger as well. Given enough time, it’s possible for the loss of just one tooth to lead to the loss of several others.

Thankfully, with a restorative solution like dental implants, Dr. Banda of Cranbrook Dental Care can help patients from Bloomfield and beyond avoid bone loss. That’s because dental implants mimic the structure of natural teeth. The top portion–known as the crown–replaces your missing tooth, while the implant post below it acts like a prosthetic root.

Most dental implants are made from titanium. When placed in the jaw, implants promote the growth of new bone tissue, the way a natural root does. Over time, the jaw and your new “root” will bond, creating a strong, stable foundation for your replacement tooth.

Are Dental Implants Right for You?

Do you have a gap in your smile? Are you worried about bone loss in your jaw? Talk to Dr. Banda about restoring your smile with dental implants. During a simple a consultation visit with him at his Bloomfield dental office, he can tell you if you’re a candidate for the procedure. If you are, his team can start putting together your treatment plan right away.

Call Cranbrook Dental Care today to reserve your appointment with Dr. Banda. We serve patients from Clarkston, Troy, Royal Oak, Birmingham, and the entire metropolitan area of Detroit.